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My name is Janet Williams. I am the owner and operator of Safe At Home Pet Sitting. I was born and raised in beautiful Northern California. My husband Dennis and I moved to Bowling Green, KY in 2004. As far back as I can remember I have always had some type of animal in my arms.

I started Safe at Home Pet Sitting for ONE reason, I love animals and wanted to provide clients with options when it came to the care of their pets. From my experience as a lifelong pet owner, I knew with out a doubt what other pet owners were looking for and what I could happily provide; professional, responsible, affectionate care. I have a certificate in Professional Pet Sitting through Pet Sitters International, and I continue to educate myself in animal care constantly.

We have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 rabbit. All have either shown up at our home by their own choosing or they were adopted from the local shelter. Our animals are our children; They make our house a home.

It gives me so much joy to know that our clients, just in choosing a in-home pet care service are thinking about their pet’s happiness and well being. That fact alone keeps me striving to be better than the day before and to only provide the best in-home pet care that Bowling Green, KY has to offer.

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