Our Bowling Green pet sitting services

We have 3 different options for our in-home pet care visits. If you’re uncertain which one would be best for your pets, let us know. We’re happy to help.

Bowling Green dog sitter

Standard Visit - $17

20-30 minutes Our most popular choice. Good for your everyday routine when you are away for the day, weekend, or longer. Always fresh water, food and treats. Backyard potty breaks and playtime as needed. Complete litter box care. And of course a lot of love and affection. The number of visits are up to you, but most cats do well with 1 visit per day. Dogs do best with 3 or more visits per day. Updates for every visit.

Extended Visit - $22

45 minutes

Great visit for many multiple or single pet homes and pets that deal with separation anxieties that just need a little more attention, maybe for playtime or brushing. Always fresh water, food and treats as needed. Potty time and playtime in their yard. Complete litter box care or small animal care. Everyone’s need is different. Can be determined at Meet & Greet.

Bowling Green pet sitter

Extended Long Visit - $27

60 minutes

Great visit for multiple or single pet homes that require more time for care. Great for Pets with separation anxieties. Providing a longer time for crated animals the opportunity to be out of their crates for playtime, brushing or just stretching their legs or just extra cuddle time. Always fresh water, food and treats as needed. Complete litter box care or small animal care. Updates for every visit.

Key Lockout Service – $20

Yes, it happens and yes, clients have called us to come let them in. You can opt to have us keep your key on file for future visits or for emergencies like this. Saves from calling a Locksmith. This service is not guaranteed, as it depends on the time of the day and our schedules. Please remember that we do not carry your key with us.

Please Note: There is a surcharge for visits out of a 10 mile radius, longer than 60 minutes and /or more pets, rates will be quoted based on location, services requested, duration of the visit and number of pets.

Free with All Visits

We offer the following home related services with pet sitting visits (based on your needs).

  • Bring in the mail, newspapers and packages
  • Water indoor plants
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Put trash cans and recycle bins out on trash day

Safe at Home Pet Sitting follows all City Leash Laws.

We are considerate of your neighbors, All poop is picked up during walks.

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